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Mission + Vision

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

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Mission trips


If your ready to join us please print your application, fill it out and mail it to Beyond The Walls Ministries, 410 Voltair Terr, PSL, FL 31853

Please join us in one of our trips to Jamaica - Peru - Dominican Republic. press more to print your flyer or brochure

Beyond The Walls Ministries mission is to serve the underpriviledged of the world and bring them the message of peace and salvation. To help the needy, cloth the naked, feed the hungry outside walls of the church; one child at a time.

To empower lives by the word of God through educative religion and secular means and help develop healthy citizens spiritually, emotionally and physically in our world.

We are a 501c non for profit ministry. We depend on donations to help us fulfill our mission of helping hurting and needy people and bring them to personal wholeness.